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High Precision
& Squareness Cutting

Poly Lanema has a 2,000 m2 cutting area, with the latest advanced equipment and a number of different cutting types.

The types of cutting available at Poly Lanema ensure maximum precision and squareness, with a capacity to undertake cuts up to: 2000x6000 mm in area, 800 mm in thickness and up to 0.1 mm in precision. For round cutting, the capacity is from Ø 250 mm to Ø 2,500 mm, with maximum thickness of 400 mm. Both Engineered Plastics and Technical Aluminium can be cut in the plate, tube, sheet, profile or bar formats. To do this, Poly Lanema has specific equipment to guarantee the maximum integrity of the product, reducing the risk of any loss of mechanical and structural properties. Reflecting an awareness of environmental and ecological concerns, Polylanema separates its waste (by suction) and sends it for recycling, thus minimizing its environmental impact. All its operators use appropriate safety equipment and, in conjunction with obstruction sensors on the equipment itself (which perform automatic shut-downs in the event of danger), this has prevented the occurrence of any accidents to date.